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about us

Natural Spirit Experience

It started in INDIA

Natural Spirit Experience – Naspex was created in 2001 by Bauer Franz. The idea had its origin in India, to produce special T-shirts designs for a beautiful future and people.

2003 Reinhold Draxler and Bauer Franz established Spiritwear Austria to distribute Naspex T-shirt to Europe. 

Our goal is: to spread out a message with T-shirt´s Design, to bring the focus back to the nature and humanity, to support philosophy and free mind visions. For love, freedom & consciousness.

Vishal Tewani in 2015 complete our team, together we make one of our dream come true Naspex Organic products with natural herbal dyeing.

One of our new goal is: To bring whit our Naspex Organic herbal Line the cotton industry a step back to the roots, because this industry plays a big part in the change to sustainable environment.

We know that now it is only the beginning, with your support we will go step by step to a natural fair trade Eco friendly direction.   

Natural Spirit Experience – Naspex Spiritwear is a registered trademark Trade mark No : 006381024

On this place, we like to say thanks to all the beautiful people the support us already on our journey.


Naspex Team


Reinhold Draxler

Naspex - spiritwear

Franz Bauer

Naspex - natural spirit experience

Vishal Tewani

Naspex - purple haze

Dream Team